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Otis Frank Boykin

  • Otis Boykin’s noteworthy inventions include a wire precision resistor and a control unit for the artificial cardiac pacemaker

  • Patented 28 electronic devices - some came in great demand by the United States military for guided missles and IBM for computers


  • In 1938, he graduated as the valedictorian from BTW High School in Dallas, Texas

  • In 1941, he graduated form Fisk College in Nashville, Tennessee

  • ​​In 1944, he moved on to work for the P.J. Nilsen Research Labs in Illinois.  Shortly thereafter, he started his own company, Boykin-Fruth Inc.

  • ​On June 16, 1959, he received a patent for a wire precision resistor that would later be used in radios and televisions

Curtis Cokes

  • On August 24, 1966, won the boxing WBA/WBC world welterweight title

  • Mr. Cokes became Dallas’ first and only undisputed world champion

  • In 2003, Cokes was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame

  • Played baseball and basketball at Booker T. Washington High School  and was good enough to earn all-state honors in both

Ernie Banks ('Mr. Cub')

  • "The greatest baseball player Dallas ever has produced"

  • In 1950, he Graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas, Texas

  • Banks was spotted and recruited by a Negro League scout named Bill Blair

  • Inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1977


  • In 2013, Banks was invited to Washington to receive the Medal of Freedom from a former Chicago resident, President Barack Obama

William "Bill" Blair, Jr.

  • Star athlete, journalist, businessman, political activist and civic leader

  • 1943 - Married high school sweetheart, Mozell Jordan, the first Miss Booker T. Washington High School Queen

  • 1946 - Became a pitcher for the Indianapolis Clowns, one of twelve baseball teams comprising the Negro League

  • 1949 - Started Southwest Sports News. By 1960, the newspaper had evolved into the Elite News, the oldest African-American publication in North Texas

  • A Negro League Baseball Museum inductee

Mozell Jordan

Our first Miss Booket T.

(1941 - 1942)

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